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Floral wedding centrepiece ideas for your wedding from Fig & Flower - Top Sussex wedding florist

When it comes to wedding table flowers, there is a multitude of centrepiece ideas to chose from.

Low table centres

Tall table centres


Bud vases

Floral troughs

Elevated / Suspended Flowers

These are just a few ways to decorate your tables. But how do you choose the perfect style for your wedding?

How to choose your wedding flowers and wedding table centres? Helpful guide from Zuzana for bride and grooms planning their wedding.
Sussex Wedding Florist

Bringing your wedding vision to life

I thoroughly understand the importance of wedding planning and I am here to contribute to it. With a wide selection of flowers to choose from, I can provide you with plenty of wedding flower ideas to suit your style. Whether you're looking for luxury flowers or more simple, understated, yet elegant arrangements, I have the expertise to make your floral dream come true.

Nonetheless, the symbolism is the same whether you prefer dramatic florals or minimalistic arrangements to match your style. The table flowers are there to represent the natural side of your union, they should tell your story, elevate your aesthetic, suit the venue and the setting of your wedding as well as the season.

How to choose your wedding flowers and wedding table centres? Helpful guide from Zuzana for bride and grooms planning their wedding.
Wedding Flowers from Sussex Wedding Florist - Table centre

How to decide on what style table centre would be perfect for your wedding?

Things to consider -

The shape of your table, how will your food be served? Are you planning for sharing platters? This would have a big impact on the floral table centres. What kind of atmosphere would you like to create?

What does the architecture of the place tells us? Large spaces with tall ceilings may suit taller table centres, while low ceilings may better host lower arrangements. Perhpas blending tall and low floral compositions is a great way to develop curiosity and depth.

Venue style. Tee-Pee and stretch tents may be more suited to scattering bud vases on rustic tables. This style is more relaxed and organic whereas classic floral table centres will create more of an elegant feel in a historic home.

If you opt for long tables, more linear designs that create a floral runner in the centre are a great way to dress the dinner. These can be chic and modern as well as romantic and garden inspired. This is where the type of the vessel and the choice of flowers will determine the look. The key is to envision a design that complements your venue's overall aesthetics and style as well as your wedding concept.

It's also important to get the ratio of flowers and the table space correct. If you opt for one table centre only but you have a large round tables that sit 10 guests it can look bit sparse and sort of unfinished. This is where dotting few bud vases around the centre flowers will bring the whole scheme to another level, mix in tea lights and tall candles and you have the perfect combination right there.

Budget - the more elaborate are the florals bigger investment you should expect, it's as simple as that and so if you are looking create something effective, stylish but budget friendly, look to bud vases and scattered greenery or for more refined look, single stem modern vases and candles.

Wedding Table Elements - The art of matching florals with other accessories






Candles / Candle Holders



When planning your wedding, it's important to consider all the elements, not only the flowers. Linen, candle holders, candles and other decorations are all important pieces that come together to create a harmonious look for your table. Always speak to your florists about what your plans for this are. Ideally, work with them to source the best accessories for the most cohesive look. I can supply all the accessories and design the tables with a particular style in mind, ensuring that everything is perfectly coordinated.

Table flowers are very important part of your wedding, this is where your guests will gather and this is where they will get the opportunity to look at your flowers up close. They can appreciate the choices that have been made for your flowers. This will often provide a topic of conversation and memorable moments. Beautifully dressed table, will make everyone feel special. There should always be scent and twinkling candles in my opinion.

Florists Services

The main advice is to always talk to your florist, give them as much information ( no details is too small) and they will guide and help you to make the best choices for your event.

Personally, I always aim beyond just providing flowers. I strive to get familiar with all the ideas you have in mind and what plans do you have with the other vendors This way, I can seamlessly contribute to the overall composition and bring your vision to life with the right wedding flowers.

I started Fig & Flower because I believe that wedding flowers are one of the most important parts of your wedding. As a top Sussex wedding florist with years of experience, I understand the importance of creating the perfect look for your special day. Whether you're looking for a romantic, fine art, or timeless design, my expertise and creativity will bring your vision to life.

If you feel that the flowers are the key to decorating your wedding, if you just LOVE flowers and you are so excited for them! I think we could be a great match!

I can promise flawless attention to detail, beautiful designs, a passion for creating stunning decor, and all the support for your wedding planning needs.

Looking for more ideas? You can find more romantic bridal inspiration by browsing of my blogs. And do not hesitate to get in touch for any requirement or consultation you might want to place.

Photos by Fig & Flower / Anneli Marinowich Photography / Jonny Gould Photo / Mindy Coe Photography / Kerry Bartlett Photo / Claire Graham / Charlotte Bryer Rash Photography

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