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C + R

This is what happened when an amazing stylist and a planner Jenna Hewitt found this gem of a building for our couple and spoke to me about this vision she had for their wedding. This was such a dream, clients that believed in us ( the bride is American and the couple lives in the states and so a lot of the planning has been done over Zoom and email), that has given us the creative freedom to transform this beautiful orangery with delicate greenery, oodles of garden roses, sweet peas, stocks and delphiniums.

We have  travelled to the Cotswolds 2 days prior the wedding to decorate the house for the rehearsal dinner and to start preparations for the wedding reception in the orangery. We have also decorated the local church, the rest of the venue as well as the bouquets and buttonholes. The whole weekend was filled with flowers, the sun was shining and I got to spend it with an amazing team of florists that came to work with me as well as the planning team. We have hired a cottage nearby, which frankly was the house of my dreams! 

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