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How to get the most out of your wedding flower budget? Advice from Fig & Flower - top UK florist

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

No wedding is complete without the beauty of mesmerising florals – they serve as the perfect addition to any celebration, offering a refined look to any setting. Additionally, bouquets play a vital role in perfecting the bride’s look. However, in terms of finances, they can put quite a mark on your budget. In fact, most couples put 10% of it into florals, though sometimes, costs can get surprisingly high. For that reason, you need to think of ways to get the most out of your wedding flowers while staying within the limits of your financial plan. If you don’t know where to start, I have provided a few trips to help you create the wedding florals of your dreams and stay on budget.

Communicate With Your Wedding Florist

The choice of vendors, including florists, can be a burdensome part of the wedding planning process, however, a planner can greatly assist in this area. When you’ve found the wedding florist that will convey your vision with delicate attention to detail, it’s important to communicate with them deeply. Share your wedding flower ideas, describe your choice of venue and how you want florals to elevate the setting. However, if you have a strict budget in place, they are the ones who will craft the perfect arrangements to fit your plans. With that said, always keep an open mind to your wedding florist’s advice, as they are the ones who will provide the most timeless solution, no matter the setting.

Choice of Wedding Flowers

Surprisingly, time plays a crucial role in your choice of wedding flowers. Since spring/summer is when all plants come to full bloom, a wide range of florals can be significantly inexpensive. However, it is also the wedding season and since it’s the busiest time for weddings the high demand can cause the most used wedding blooms to become quite pricey. This happened in 2021 after the pandemic, so many weddings were happening at the same time around the world that there simply wasn’t enough flowers to go round. Other aspects to consider is what else is happening around the time of your wedding - events like mother’s day, valentines day, Christmas will also push flower prices up.

With winter weddings, florals may seem challenging due to the lack of variety, and picking out-of-season flowers can be quite costly. Because of this, when thinking about wedding budget ideas, it will be smart to consider picking out seasonal options. Being a wedding florist myself, I suggest telling your absolute must-haves in your wedding flowers to your florist and leaving the rest to them. Trust that they will create awe-inspiring arrangements with the most stunning flowers of the season while being constantly aware of your budget limit.


Designs That Can Be Moved

When thinking about your wedding flowers, think of having one statement piece that will capture the essence of your celebration. For instance, if you want an extraordinary floral archway for your ceremony, see if it can be reused for your reception setting as well. On the other hand, you may want to invest in smaller, detailed pieces like urns that can be rearranged to your heart’s desires. Additionally, a decorated registrar’s table can be easily moved to the top table to give it a more elongated and sophisticated appeal. My advice is always to invest in something unique and striking, rather than spread budget too thinly across too many smaller arrangements that just won’t have the wow effect.

Also, you may want to avoid DIY options – trust me, they can bring much more stress and hidden costs than satisfaction. Instead, leave it to the professionals. Something to consider when you ask your florist to move your designs during the wedding day is that they will need to charge for the extra time that they must spend at the venue.

By following these tips, you will make the cost of your wedding flowers drop significantly - I hope I have been of assistance! If you want to learn more about florals for your celebrations, read the rest of my blogs. Finally, consider using my services as your Sussex florist.


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