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Luxury Sussex Wedding Florist 


Hi! So great to see you here! 

My life with flowers started when I was a girl, but it has taken me a long time to make it my livelihood. 

I’m always at my calmest and most at peace when surrounded by flowers. When I moved to the UK 20 years ago I spent many happy hours wandering among beautiful English country gardens, soaking in the colours and perfumes. The need to be among flowers kept growing, and I soon realised that I needed to listen to that little voice inside me and do something about it! I took the plunge, and Fig & Flower was born.


Floristry to me is an art form. I studied art and design and  I love that my floral career allows me to indulge my need of creating beautiful things, telling stories, and making meaningful memories for people on the happiest day of their lives. Flowers also remind us that life is fleeting and the ephemeral beauty of the displays we create is something to be treasured, captured in your heart and remembered by the scent, the light, the movement, the rustle....


I work from my studio at my home in West Sussex, where I live with my husband, children and our Schnauzer Ziggy and now the new addition cocker puppy Bobbie.

I’ll rarely say no to a party, especially when there is a promise of dancing! The next day you'll find me snuggled by the fire watching old fashioned 'who done it' -  anything Agatha Christie will make me super happy! 

I would love to find out about you and your wedding plans. Get in touch for a free consultation and let’s start your floral story together.


Zuzana x

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