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How to choose the perfect shape for your wedding bouquet with Fig & Flower

Updated: Mar 29, 2023


I'm Zuzana and I am a florist and owner of Fig&Flower - Floral Design. I live and breathe weddings and wedding flowers is my area of expertise. I want to help you to find the perfect wedding bouquet that you will love forever.

When you start planning your wedding, you soon realise, that there are so many choices to be made! About absolutely everything. Then when it comes to flowers, it seems impossible to narrow it down. I mean flowers are gorgeous and there are so many options, so many colour palettes, there are seasons to be considered, different styles and aesthetics. Suddenly, whatever may be your favourite flowers that look pretty on your dinning table might not be the right choice for your wedding. You might not even have favourite flowers - so where do you start? In these series I will help you to focus on the main areas that are important when planning your wedding flowers. The main pillars of the concept, the rest should be up to you florist to design and create around your thoughts.

In this blog, I will explore steps and pointers to consider when choosing your perfect bouquet. We will concentrate on bouquet shapes today. I see the bouquet as a separate element to the rest of the floral decor - yes it should look cohesive with the rest of the florals, but it's a very personal item, it should be perfect for you - the person holding the bouquet. The shape, the size, the specific flowers should represent you and have you written all over it.


Let's talk about shape and size of the arrangement.

There are several classic options that fall in and out of fashion but I think anything can be made fresh and modern. It's nice to be guided by current trends, no one wants their wedding to look dated but don't be forced to abandon the vision you may have had when you were little. We can always put a modern twist on anything and it will make the design more unique. Timeless designs are more likely to stand the test of time, that is true but original, stylish concept may fit your personality better. Just be you, is what I say and you will always look radiant in your pictures.

In general, there is the round/dome shape bouquet, the tea drop bouquet, the shower/cascading bouquet and the natural/organic style bouquet.

If you're not sure which shape to choose, think about your dress - is it simple and paired back, is it detailed with lace and embroidery, how do you want the day to feel relaxed, elegant and luxurious, classic chic vibes or urban modern etc. Are you a tall gorgeous lady or not so tall gorgeous lady. It is little bit like choosing what to wear. But having said that, if you love it wear it and that applies to flowers as well. Here are some examples of what may be suitable for each scenario.


The ROUND bouquet is a classic and even though at the moment this style may seem a little old fashioned that's where its beauty lies. These designs are perfect for classic, elegant weddings, think when Meghan Markle married Prince Harry. She held a perfect example of a classy, small round bouquet that wasn't distracting from the paired back simple lines of her stunning gown. Yet the rest of the floral arrangements were very natural and organic. For a modern twist on this you could choose to have rose only bouquet and keep the stems longer. Very elegant and simple, yet with a modern edge - this would work well with a modern sleek gown in silk with refined details. The last example is a romantic, garden inspired bouquet working beautifully with the vintage lace gown.

Photo from Google - Flowers by Phillippa Craddock | Lost in Love Photography - Flowers by Simone Bertinni Floral Design | Mathew Scott Photography - Flowers by Fig & Flower


The TEAR DROP is usually a smaller delicate design that can be often seen in traditional royal weddings. Lilly of the valley, orchids and dendrobiums work well with this style. But you can freshen this up with dried elements and orchids for super modern look or if romantic, old-world feel is your thing, choose roses and delicate blooms such as freesias and sweet peas with trailing jasmine vines. These bouquets will work well with classic chic silhouettes, lace, vintage gowns but for a modern twist the edgy versions will suit a boho bride in a sparky dress or a top and a skirt.

Flowers and Photo by Fig&Flower / Pinterest / FlowerMagic


The SHOWER/CASCADING bouquet is a similar concept to the tear drop but elevated, for me, this needs to cascade, drape and flow, like a stream. It should be flowing, full of movement with a bit of drama. Soft and delicate foliage falling down at your feet. It can be made oh so beautiful. It would suit a taller bride, with a boho dress. Tule dresses and vintage inspired lace gowns. Dreamy!

Photos from Pinterest


Finally this brings me to my favourite style and my speciality the NATURAL/ORGANIC Style bouquet. These bouquets are full of timeless beauty and can be created to suit elegant chic weddings as well as garden inspired relaxed affairs of the marquee weddings. The key is in the ingredients and the way the stems are put together. For me these bouquets are to be loose, full of movement with combination of larger blooms, delicate flowers and trailing foliage. These bouquets work well with sleek style dresses as can be created to suit the refined elegance but also dresses with fuller skirts and tulle as the wider shape will work with that silhouette in perfect harmony.

Photos by - Anneli Marinowich Photography / Lemonade Pictures Photography / Kelsie Scully Photography/ Charleigh Victoria Photography / Annemarie Stepney Photography / Michelle Cordner Photography / Laura De Bourde Photography/ Helen Warren Photography - all bouquets Fig&Flower

If you have enjoyed dreaming about your wedding bouquet pop over to my website for more ideas on wedding bouquet shapes and browse the galleries of our recent weddings.

If you have any questions or you would like any advise please feel free to comment below or via the form on my page! Lovely to see you here - next topic will be flower availability.

Much Love,

Zuzana x


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