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5 Tips for Choosing Romantic Flowers for Your Spring Wedding

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

It won’t feel complete to witness two people unite in love without flowers adorning their celebration. Romantic flowers have been a staple decor to almost every wedding adding a refined detail to every location. Not to mention how it becomes more in demand to embellish your outdoor ceremony during spring, as it is a season where the most versatile flowers are in full bloom.

Having a spring wedding makes it easier to have a lovely variety of seasonal flowers for your special day. Since spring flowers symbolise the season of renewal, it is just right to use them at the start of your new journey as a newly married couple.

Despite the abundance of organic florals, it can be challenging for you to choose which ones are the best for your significant day. I've listed some tips that you can use as a guide in selecting the right romantic flowers to fit your ceremony and reception.

Begin With a Pinterest Board

Nowadays, inspiration can be sourced online, and there is no better way to plan your iconic day than to have a visual representation of how you want your celebration to look. Pinterest is a great way to gather ideas and convey the perfect aesthetic for your dream wedding. From your dream blush wedding gown down to your spring flowers, you can see a lot of variety that you can choose from. You can also find arranged modern refined romantic flowers here that you can incorporate to emulate your vision. You can also easily narrow down the design and style you want for your floral decor by mood boarding.

Choose a Romantic Colour Palette Theme

Contrary to most couples' beliefs, getting married during spring doesn't mean your celebration should use bright and bold colours. A soft colour palette can be very elegant if you prefer a delicate and romantic wedding theme. Using ethereal coloured flowers to match your blush wedding gown is just right to create a coherent look as you tie the knot.

Communicate Potential Fragrance Concerns

It is better to check if you and your partner are allergic or sensitive to certain flower scents. Most spring blooms are incredibly fragrant and can trigger allergic reactions to people with sensitive noses. It is best to avoid overly scented flowers for the installations that will adorn your outdoor ceremony, in order to prevent any allergies concerning both of you and your guests. Get a florist who is knowledgeable about this or communicate your concerns beforehand.

Research about In-Season Wedding Flowers During Spring

Although springtime is blessed with tons of lovely in-season blooms to choose from, certain flowers are available during winter only, such as poinsettias, camellias and holly. Research your preferred romantic flowers and know their seasonality.

Consult With Your Floral Designer

Whether you dream of modern refined romantic flowers, or you already have another idea on how you want the floral decor to reflect your style, consult with your floral designer right away. Having an expert with you to plan all your needs will turn your vision into a reality.

I hope these tips help you realise your dream spring wedding with the use of romantic flowers. If you need a professional wedding florist, I can create stunning floral designs just for you! Connect with me or read more of my other articles to discover more valuable tips and ideas.


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